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Annual Impact Report 2023

Uploaded 15/06/23

Annual Impact Report 2022 - 2023

Case study – Multiple barriers to bringing a home back into use

This property has remained empty for 5 years. The late owner left the home to their children but one passed away and the remaining beneficiary is living overseas. There has been no grant of confirmation applied for, so the property remains exempt from council tax. The property became unoccupied after a family member moved out due to a fire in the property.

The EHO became aware of the property after it was referred by our advice service, following concerned neighbour reports. The EHO struggled to contact the family member living overseas and by the time communication was established, it was believed the lender was considering repossession proceedings. The family member cannot afford to fund work themselves and hold ups and issues with the insurance company meant the home deteriorated further and contractors left work partially complete. The EHO has attempted to contact the lender for further information but to date has not received a response.

Neighbours have reported concerns about the home being insecure and attracting anti-social behaviour. There is limited action that can be taken to bring the property back into use however, the EHO is trying to keep it safe and so requested that community wardens add the location to their regular patrols. Building standards and Environmental Health have assessed the condition and deemed no action is required at this stage. In the meantime, despite the best efforts of the EHO, the property remains empty and is likely to deteriorate further, causing a blight on the community and the risk of increased financial burden on the public purse.