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How we can help

Empty properties can be a blight on communities and are a wasted resource during a time of a housing emergency. If you are considering investing in an empty home or multiple properties, we can help you by providing advice and information to bring it/them back into use.

Getting in touch: What happens?

  1. When you get in touch, we’ll ask for some information about you and the empty property. We’ll listen to your problem and ask what you would like to happen.
  2. We might be able to give you information straight away, or we might need to do some research and get back to you. We’ll always try to get back to you within one working day.
  3. Many councils have local, dedicated Empty Homes Officers. Where possible, we will put you in touch with them for local assistance. If there isn’t an Empty Homes Officer in your area, we’ll work with you directly.

Contact us today for more information on how empty homes can be great investment opportunities, and how we can help you to realise their potential.

[email protected]                                    0344 515 1941

Matchmaker Scheme
Our matchmaker scheme pairs empty home owners with investors and developers

How we have helped

Helping an Investor Purchase an Empty Property

A community member got in touch as she wanted to buy and renovate a long-term empty home in her town that had been repossessed years earlier by the bank. She was aware that it had previously been advertised at auction but had not sold. She had repeatedly tried approaching the bank but could not find someone to speak to in order to buy it, so she contacted the advice service. The adviser wrote to the bank on her behalf highlighting their requirement to sell the property for the highest achievable price and asking them to identify someone she could speak to about a sale. This communication was not responded to however it was noted that the property was shortly marketed for auction and the community member was able to purchase the property for a price she was pleased with. Once renovated, it will be a permanent home once again.