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I own a home that
is empty

How we can help

We know homes become empty for lots of different reasons and we’re here to help whatever the circumstances. We provide advice to anyone with a question about an empty home. We can help you identify options for bringing your empty property back into use and connect you to support and assistance.

Getting in touch: What happens?

  1. When you get in touch, we’ll ask for some information about you and the empty property. We’ll listen to your problem and ask what you would like to happen.
  2. We might be able to give you information straight away, or we might need to do some research and get back to you. We’ll always try to get back to you within one working day.
  3. Many councils have local, dedicated Empty Homes Officers. Where possible, we will put you in touch with them for local assistance. If there isn’t an Empty Homes Officer in your area, we’ll work with you directly.

Owning an empty home can be costly, use our calculator to find out how much it could add up to.

Calculate the cost of your empty home

We’re happy to look into any issues relating to empty homes, so contact us today by email or telephone, or report your empty home in the form below

[email protected]                                    0344 515 1941

How we have helped

Helping an Owner Access Reduced VAT on Building Works

Our advice service has helped owners across Scotland access discounts they are entitled to. An owner of a property contacted us because his home had been empty for two years. This meant that he was eligible to pay VAT at just 5% for qualifying building repairs. Unfortunately, his builder did not recognise the letter provided by his local authority to certify the length of time the property had been empty. The adviser worked collaboratively with all involved parties and highlighted the relevant legislation to the builder to reassure him that the council letter was all that was needed. The builder was satisfied with this and the owner was able to proceed with the work to bring the home back into use.