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Below is some information and tools to help get you started. Register to join our Knowledge Hub for a wide range of practical tools to support anyone doing empty homes work.



  • Value Tool
    The Empty Homes Value Tool highlights the impact and benefits of bringing empty homes back into use for local authorities.
  • Council Tax Variation Short Report (PDF)
    This report sets out the statutory position for council tax on unoccupied and empty properties and provides information on how councils are currently applying powers to vary council tax on empty properties. Further resources for practically applying the council tax variation are available on the Knowledge Hub.
  • Merchant Discounts
    Companies offer discounted services and/or offers for empty home owners.
  • SEHP Repossession Guide
    A guide for Empty Homes Officers dealing with properties that they believe to have been repossessed, setting out the procedure for repossessions in Scotland and what should be considered if officers believe a property is, or may be, subject
    to repossession proceedings

Knowledge Hub

  • Knowledge Hub 
    Our Knowledge Hub Group (Scottish Empty Homes Officer Network) is a network of empty homes officers, helpful resources, specialist advice and empty homes news.