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Options available to officers

Empty homes officers have a limited range of options available to encourage a home to be brought back into use.  As part of our annual survey we asked –  “In your experience, how commonly used are following key actions in assisting owners to bring properties back into use?” Empty Homes Officers were asked to grade each…


Case Study – The benefits of CPO and what more is needed

Duncan Thomson Group Manager – Private Sector Neighbourhoods, Regeneration & Sustainability at Glasgow City Council talks about the benefits of CPO and what more is needed. At Glasgow City Council we have been at the forefront of using compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) to tackle the problems of long-term vacant properties, increasing affordable housing supply and…


CPOs in Glasgow

There have been 52 promoted orders to date. The Greater Pollok and Southside Central wards have been the main focus. CPOs have been promoted 14 times in Greater Pollok and on 12 occasions in Southside Central over the last three years.  The full breakdown of CPOs by council ward is: • Greater Pollok – 14…