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Property developer inspired to bring more empty properties back into use

ladders and tools in a room being renovated

A property developer purchased an empty flat and renovated it to a lettable standard and rented it out. They saw the potential in two other empty properties in the block and were keen to make them into homes again. The developer needed to make contact with the owners but didn’t know who they were, or how to identify ownership. They got in touch with our advice service for assistance with this. 

We gave advice on searching for titles on Registers of Scotland, as well as other informal ways of finding out who owned the flats. We also referred onto the local Empty Homes Officer (EHO) for assistance in communicating with the owners. The EHO contacted both flat owners and one responded quite quickly. This flat had been empty for over 5 years and there were signs of a previous water leak. Within a short period of time the developer agreed the purchase of the property, completed renovation works and let the property out. The developer followed up with us as they wanted to deal with communal repairs and we provided more information on this