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Long Term Empty Homes in Scotland 2021

Figures published by the Scottish Government in December showed that the number of homes empty for six months or longer had fallen by 7.5% from 47,333 in 2020 to 43,766. 5 However, this was still 6.5% higher than the 40,963 long term empty homes in 2019. 5


What the figures tell us

It was encouraging to see that the largest share in the fall came amongst homes that had been empty for 12 months or longer. This suggests that many of the homes that became or remained long term empty as renovation work was put on hold, rental properties stood vacant, people put off house moves and…


Bringing homes back into use

This year EHOs recorded 1152 properties brought back into use. Information on how long the home was empty for was available for 69% of these properties. Almost 50% had been empty for between 2 and 5 years and a further 19% had been empty for more than 5 years (including 43 properties that had been…