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Case Study – No Grant of Confirmation

A community member contacted the advice service about a property on their street which has been empty for over 25 years. 

After the original owner died it had been occupied by one of their children until they died. The remaining sibling was elderly and in poor health, with caring responsibilities. After such a long time empty, there are now visible signs of disrepair to the property with a hole visible in the gable wall.

The property remained in the original late owner’s name as neither the child who had occupied the property, or the remaining sibling, had obtained a Grant of Confirmation. 

The neighbour themselves has expressed an interest in purchasing the property to be nearer to family, but no action can be taken to bring the property back into use until legal processes have concluded.

The EHO tried to make enquiries to find out what was happening with the property. They were informed that the case was in the hands of solicitors but there had been no update in some time. 

It is unclear whether the original owner had made a will, and, if they had, who they had left the property to. This could add further layers of complexity to attempts to transfer ownership of the house so that it could be brought back to use.

The case highlights the difficulties of bringing such homes back to use, even where there are people interesting in purchasing the property.