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Case Study – Angus Council – Acquisition/buy back

This 1-bedroom Milton Park property in Monifieth, Angus was empty for 13 months, and identified as potentially suitable to be purchased via Angus Council’s ‘Open Market Acquisition Scheme’8 . The local housing area office and housing technical teams were in agreement that this property was suited to be included in council housing stock and a viewing arranged. This decision was based on the fact that 60% of housing demand in Monifeith is for a 1 bedroom property, and given the adaptations made internally, this property will assist in housing a household with limited mobility. 

This scored well on the council’s priority matrix with:

• additional points for it being empty over a year,

• an ex local authority property,

• a house/bungalow and

• the capacity for it to be adapted for accessibility purposes

On completing this assessment, a request was made to management to make an offer on the property, which the owner accepted. The ‘Open Market Acquisition Scheme’ serves to supplement the new build programme within the council’s strategic housing investment plan and increasing the re-use of empty homes is now an active consideration around what properties are given priority for purchase through this scheme. 

This case aligned with other objectives such as increasing supply of 1 bed’s and increasing supply of properties suitable for households with limited mobility. Near the end of each financial year, a grant claim is submitted for all properties that purchased through the ‘Open Market Acquisition’ and ‘Buyback schemes’, so Milton Park has been funded by Angus Council and the Scottish Government.